With God All Things Are Possible
You Can Make A Difference
Poverty, homeless people, orphaned & abandoned children, crime, disease, war, famine, natural disasters, etc.,. The list goes on and on. Are you doing anything about it? Nobody is saying you can change the whole world but you can make an impact.
Perhaps you have neighbors who are hurting. Are you helping them? If you are concerned that helping them will only haunt you one day then maybe you should consider the fact that doing nothing is more likely to haunt you. The example you set for your neighbors can have a bigger impact than you think. The difference between helping a person in need can make all the difference in the world should things suddenly become good for them and you become the one in need. Change does not show no favoritism.
Would You Like To Help ?
First, be it known this is not a solicitation for money. What we would like to ask of you is that you help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many as possible. As long as there is one person left to present the Truth to the work will remain incomplete and an incomplete in this field means a lost soul condemned to eternal suffering when it doesn't have to be that way. If people choose not to accept it that is up to them buy aleast they will have had the chance to escape the misery that awaits them.
We do appreciate your prayers and moral support. There is one area where we could possibly use your help. We are looking for any available artists to help us with coloring pictures for kids as well as pictures for power point presentations. Click here for details.
The Free Gift You Should Accept Now
It is a well know fact that we are all going to die one day. What then? I'm not talking about what you left behind, its to late to be concerned about that. What I'm talking about is what happens to you now. It doesn't matter what you believe, fact is you will have just moved into the realm of eternity. On the judgment day a decision regarding your fate will be made. It all hinges on what you do while you're alive. This is a gift not only you can have but can (and should) pass on to others. For more information click here for more information.

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